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I've never signed up for a fabric subscription before, what if I don't like it?

I guarantee you will love the fabric subscription, but sometimes it's not for everyone. If you get your first bundle and you hate it, no problem, you can cancel your subscription right away by accessing your personal recharge profile or emailing me.

What if I want to switch to a different bundle? Can I do that?

Sure thing! If you want to move around, it's super easy to do that. You can select swap in your customer profile or email me and I'll do it for you.

What if I want to subscribe to more than one bundle? Do they ship together?

Many customers subscribe to multiple fabric bundles, we do our best to ship in one package but don't guarantee this.

Do you offer refunds?

If you dislike your fabric bundle I can offer a refund within 14 days of you receiving your package. I just ask that the fabric be in pristine condition and shipped back to me before issuing a refund.

Yikes! I just don't think I can afford this right now?

No problem. You can access your Recharge Payment personal profile and cancel anytime.

Privacy Policy - Updated August 3rd, 2023

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